11/2012: New albums are being released.  "the ether sphere" and "the mourning birds"

10/18/2009: New previously unreleased album “logics” is now available for download here.

This album was actually recorded in March 2008 using Logic Studio on a black macbook.  There are no real track titles, just 70 minutes of ambiance. I recommend if you burn it to CD using the “gapless” or “zero” second pause between tracks.

I have been working my next release “alpha streams” and hope to have it released here before Christmas 2009. You can listen to some of those new tracks if you search for “elipsis1” on facebook, and become a fan. The music player contains the new tracks.

1/10/2009: Welcome to the new site, I hope you enjoy spending time here. I have finally released my 2007 ambient  album: fade. 

This album was composed with a lot of virtual synthesizers from Native Instruments, Arturia, and the drum program uTonic by Sonic Charge.

The feel is very synthetic, but it is very melodic and peaceful.

I created the artwork for the album using Bryce4 and Starbits. Post processing was done in Photoshop.

“fade” is available for download as a digital.one netlabel release.  Click on the Music button above to access the download

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